Dec 20th Thursday 2016 
I was suffering from filariasis for the last  50 years.By the treament of Dr. Panda  I am fully cured. My heartfelt gratitude to Dr.  Panda  May god bless him  to serve people more and more.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Rabindranath  Swain  C D A  Cuttack  Odisha


September 10th 2014.
Humble submission for all the help given
Dr Dwijesh Kumar Panda, Sanaria Lab, Bhubaneswar, Odissa,
India has been a savior and lifeline to me,
This is my story, 25 years back I was bed ridden due to an acute attack of advance stage Filariasis {Elephantiasis}.  Even going to the toilet was very difficult.As my health was detouring I knocked on every branch of medicine such as allophatic and alternative medicine such as Tibetan, Homeopathic, Ayurvedic, Unani, etc.The Health Minister of the state then a friend requested the Health Secretary to suggest a doctor who could treat me at that stage of my disease to the best that could be possible.

Dr Dwijesh Kumar Panda was kind enough to take up the challenge and started his treatment to me. After many months of intense treatment I slowly recovered and started to walk and finally have a normal life and now I am 70 years approx. Since then I have been under his umbrella for my treatment and I am proud to say that he has made me feel like a family member and kept me alive and treated at very reasonable charges for which I cannot thank him enough, as he I believe has not only kept me alive but let me have a normal life within the constraints of the disease. I can recommend to any person anywhere in the world who should require his treatment especially for the disease of Filariasis must consult him and take his treatment. After all it is very rare and difficult to find such a humble, reasonable, highly educated Doctor who has done MMBS with distinction, MD in Pathology, and PHD Doctorate in Filariasis along with receiving many allocates such as Doctor of the State by the Governor of the State. He continues to treat mankind humbly and honestly at small costs at almost 70 years of age though both his highly educated sons settled in America want him to take it easy and retire. Anybody who would like to refer any further details with me on the subject can do so at my mail paalisingh@gmail.com. I wish him all the best in life and once again thank him for having saved me from such a terrible disease in my old age from which now I am able to have a normal life.

Tejpal Singh, BSc. Eng. Mech.